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creative backdrop for birthday

One Love Together

One Love for the Indian Traditional Art- Rangoli, One Love Tribal art Warli and One Love for Hand Lettering Devnagari (Marathi). Lovely week of photo challenge! Thanks for likes! Photographs for this one love are from the first birthday of my lovely daughter Venu.

One Love Warli Art

One Love Warli Tribal Indian Art Zero Creativity.jpg
Warli Art- Creative Backdrop For Birthday 

One Love from the Indian Tribal Art- Warli. This has been demonstrated by Adivasi since ages. Noe it is quite popular and emerged as one of the forms of art. Artists like Jivya Mashe (Written about him in separate post: Jivya Mashe-Indian Warli Art) really took this art form of Warli to the world and at next level through his many national and international exhibitions. We tried this on 6 feet x 18 feet white clothe for a backdrop during the first birthday of my daughter Venu. Dung is applied on the clothe and then by using white colours the composition is illustrated. Me and my brother enjoyed while making this! This interesting method of preparing Warli is explained on D’source, IIT Bombay Website.

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