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Details Dew Drop Photography

Details : Dew Drop Photography

This week the Details will be showcased from photography portfolio Photolia. Here the details  like single dew drop collected in the petals, is captured in dew drop photography. Previous details from Sunset Photography, the Clouds and the tones of Sunset, many dew drops on the petals of the flower!

Creative Flower Photography for Bloggers

What can be more Purer than Flowers in terms of its beauty! Lets try this week on Creative Flower Photography. I am once again happy to admire WordPress team for many creative photography challenges they run for us every week. While exploring my photography portfolio I came across these creative flower photography. You can have look at my other photographs in my Photography Portfolio, Photolia.

Yesterday posted about a Creative Flower Photography Project ‘The Ash’ from  the studio Ars Thanea. I would love to share a simple technique of making cutout flowers. This can be learned under cut out photography from many free resources online.

Day 2:  Creative Flower Photography

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Landscape – Sun Set

Landscape Sun Set Silhouette Zero Creativity Photography

Landscape Sun Set once again! Tree getting warmth from the Source of the Universe !

Landscape – Alandi Temple

LandScape Alandi Temple Zero Creativity Photography
Landscape Morning at Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjeewan Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Different States of Mind

State of Mind – Different photographs different states of mind. Immense power of Mind. Sometimes sentimental, slippery like water gel beads! Sometimes enlightened, depicted by Dhwaj- Flag on the Temple! Sometimes ignited like a torch! Very few times disciplined, struggling for everyday! And sometimes creative like a Child. Asking for the Childhood back! In Marathi there is song Lahanpan Dega Deva- God, Please take me back in Childhood!


State of Mind – Creative

State of Mind Children Zero Creativity Photography.JPG
State of Mind- Creative

State of Mind – Creative,  Lahanpan Dega Deva- God, Please take me back in Childhood!

State of Mind – Ignited

Ignited Mind

State of Mind – Ignited,  Mashal (Torch)!

State of Mind – Enlightened

State of Mind Enlightened Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

State of Mind – Enlightened,  Dhwaj- Flag on the Temple!

State of Mind – Sentiments


State of Mind – Sentimental, slippery like water gel beads!

Life Imitates Art – Mudra

Life and ART.jpg
Life Imitates Art. Thanks to this challenge which forced me to look in the past to get this photo! This was taken on the first day of 2007. Other interesting photography in Photolia.

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