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One Love Rangoli of Flowers

Flower Rangoli Zero Creativity Art of Rangoli.jpg
Flower Rangoli

One Love for the Indian Traditional Art- Rangoli. This is from the 19 different types of Rangoli gifted by my sister to my daughter, Venu on her first birthday. Will post these different types of Rangoli some day. This gift has flower Rangoli, flour Rangoli, wood Rangoli, Rangoli on Water, Rangoli below Water, Rangoli from Bangles and many more. My sister really enjoyed making all of these Rangoli.

One Love Warli Art

One Love Warli Tribal Indian Art Zero Creativity.jpg
Warli Art- Creative Backdrop For Birthday 

One Love from the Indian Tribal Art- Warli. This has been demonstrated by Adivasi since ages. Noe it is quite popular and emerged as one of the forms of art. Artists like Jivya Mashe (Written about him in separate post: Jivya Mashe-Indian Warli Art) really took this art form of Warli to the world and at next level through his many national and international exhibitions. We tried this on 6 feet x 18 feet white clothe for a backdrop during the first birthday of my daughter Venu. Dung is applied on the clothe and then by using white colours the composition is illustrated. Me and my brother enjoyed while making this! This interesting method of preparing Warli is explained on D’source, IIT Bombay Website.

Different States of Mind

State of Mind – Different photographs different states of mind. Immense power of Mind. Sometimes sentimental, slippery like water gel beads! Sometimes enlightened, depicted by Dhwaj- Flag on the Temple! Sometimes ignited like a torch! Very few times disciplined, struggling for everyday! And sometimes creative like a Child. Asking for the Childhood back! In Marathi there is song Lahanpan Dega Deva- God, Please take me back in Childhood!


State of Mind – Creative

State of Mind Children Zero Creativity Photography.JPG
State of Mind- Creative

State of Mind – Creative,  Lahanpan Dega Deva- God, Please take me back in Childhood!

State of Mind – Ignited

Ignited Mind

State of Mind – Ignited,  Mashal (Torch)!

Time – Sun Photography

Sun Dnyaneshwar Muley Photography.jpg

You make our days, you make our nights, you made life here on this Planet. Cant find the traces of your existence, But can say for sure that you are doing this in TIME! Read the TIME and enjoy the Time‘s challenge. For previous entries in Weekly Photo Challenges.

Enjoy the showcase of my photography portfolio- Photolia

Young At Heart


Its natural to grow by age. Hence its natural to loose youngster in you. But some beautiful things like hobby, passion, memories keep you Young At Heart. Its art lover who will be always young at heart irrespective of its age. Art can be music, dance, acting, painting, sketching, designing anything which explores creativity in you!

Its my personal experience that followings some form art will keep you younger physically and mentally! I follow calligraphy, Hand lettering almost regularly and it helps to explore my creativity and inner talent. Allowing your imagination, ideas generation enhance creative skills that you have. Creativity is not function of age. Hence its always young keeping you younger and younger. So always try to explore your creative side!

More or less art of any type like cooking, will always give you a satisfaction. There are no wrong answers, no fear to fail its always pleasing to you! There is always freedom to express, there are no rules. All these wonderful features of any art make you more younger and beautiful too!

Franz Kafka’s quote justifies what do you need to stay young at heart!

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”

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