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Harmony – Clay Ganesha

Harmony Clay Ganesha Zero Creativity.jpg

Harmony coming from different tiny hands of kids to make ONE Ganesha. One of the shots from Workshop on “How to Make Ganesha From Clay” in the Ganesha Festival 2015.

Life Imitates Art – Clay Ganesha

Ganesha from Clay Modeling Zero Creativity.jpg

Life Imitates Art. Some preparation and hands on clay before the Workshop on “How to Make Ganesha From Clay” in the Ganesha Festival 2015. It was for kids and joyful time!

Good artists copy, great artists steal – Pablo Picasso

Vibrant Colours Week

Set all the week for Vibrants, the colours of warmth and creativity!  Light and darkness! Shades of tones! Have a glimpse on some of the previous Weekly Photo Challenges here.

Vibrant – Ganesha

Ganesha Festival Clay Model Workshop .JPG

Clay idols of Ganesha created by kids during the Workshop on “How to Make Ganesha From Clay” in the Ganesha Festival 2015. The colours and art work by Small ones surely adding the vibrancy to the shot! Vibrant, trying to post few colours! Similar stuff can be found in my entries for Weekly Photo Challenges, hope that you will enjoy and add your valuable comments.

Five Inspirations from Stories of Ganesha

I have written this as Guest post on “A Writing Life for Me” a blog of Cindy E. Owens who is a poet, children’s writer, conjurer of short stories, and eclectic essay writer.

Stories of Ganesha

Lord of beginnings-Start Writing First

Shree By R. K. Joshi

God of beginnings, Ganesha is worshiped at the start of every activity we initiate. Hence, Ganesha is also called as Prathamesh (Pratham-First and Ish-God), God of Firsts. On the beginning pages we write ‘Shree’, at the start, to honour the God of Beginnings.

It inspires us to start new things by beginning the worship to God. Any blogger has to take an action to make a blog first. Start writing first, then write, and keep on writing. Action is the only first step.

Ganesha- Broken Tusk-Dedication

Ganesha and Vyasa
Ganesha and Vyasa

I would like to share a story about Ganesha and His dedication to writing. Ganesha was a scribe for Mahabharata – Longest Epic of the World. He accepted Vyasa’s request for this task on a condition that Vyasa has to recite without a pause. Vyasa, the brilliant sage, also put a condition, Ganesha needed to write with understanding, every shloka (verse line). During the narration, Ganesha used to take some time in understanding difficult shlokas. Vyasa effectively used that time to compose next shlokas. At some point in time, while writing, the quill Ganesha had, got broken. He kept his promise by breaking his tusk and using it as quill. This was dedication of Lord Ganesha towards an assignment of writing.

Every blogger has this dedication to every post, every page they write. Again we need to write and write only with pure devotion.

Ganesha- Large Ears and Small Mouth – Speak less listen more

Large Ears and Small Mouth

There are various philosophical concepts attributed to each body part of Ganesha. His large ears and small mouth signify about speak less and listen more.

Every blogger has to spend more time in listening comments and reviews. They must spend little time in talking. By doing this, one can utilize his/her energy for doing more creative work, efficiently and effectively.

Ganesha-Obstacles remover-Remove Inner Obstacles

Ganesha is always having the rat in control. The rat symbolizes the distractions that trouble us. They will always pop up daily and time to time, we need to learn take a control of these.

Every blogger has to keep close watch on our distractions. One must try to keep control on these distractions.

Ganesha- Wisdom and knowledge-Increase your knowledge

Ganesha is also worshiped as Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge.

This inspires us to explore, and expand, the knowledge about the subject on which we are writing. The more knowledge and wisdom you have, the more readers will get attracted towards the contents of the blog. The well written post is the outcome of knowledge only. It may not be by an accident.

Hope every blogger will get inspired by this Panch-sutri, five things. May Lord Ganesha bless all the devotees!

Ganapti Bappa Moraya! Manal Moorti Moraya!

Now-Oh, Its Done!


The Moment of accomplishing a task and have that in your hand in the present time, Now. This is from the event when, We had clay modeling workshop for kids during Ganesha Festival 2015. That was amazing experience with kids and clay! Similar stuff can be found in my entries for Weekly Photo Challenges, hope that you will enjoy and add your valuable comments.

Hand Lettering Ganesha1.jpg

Similar posts and my work on hand lettering can be found here.

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