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Urban Buildings -Water Colour Painting

Look Up


For this week’s challenge, I took a moment a moment to look up. My first entry  this week. I can visualize and hear the story between building and the tree branches with sky in between them. Amazing scene for water colour painting. Hence converted digitally to water colour painting. Interestingly the month of July is being celebrated as Water Colour Month. This water colour effect is given in Pixlr.

Building Water Colour Painting

Landscapes from Alandi

Landscape Some clicks at Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjeewan Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Landscape – Sun Set

Landscape Sun Set Silhouette Zero Creativity Photography

Landscape Sun Set once again! Tree getting warmth from the Source of the Universe !

Landscape – Shikhar Alandi Temple

Mauli Alandi Temple Shikhar Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Landscape Morning light on Shikhar, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune

Landscape – Indryani Ghat

LandScape Indrayani Ghat Alandi Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Landscape Night at Indrayani Ghat, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

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