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Jubilant-Pandharpur Wari

Happiness is here!

This varkari is having rest after walking a distance of half a day. Looking at his face I found he is not at all tired, but Jubilant simply expressing happiness of being part of Pandharpur Yatra. You can refer my previous posts on Pandharpur Yatra. All they are walking the path of Spiritual Journey chanting the name of God and Saints and happiness on their faces.

Landscapes from Alandi

Landscape Some clicks at Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjeewan Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Landscape – Shikhar Alandi Temple

Mauli Alandi Temple Shikhar Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Landscape Morning light on Shikhar, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune

Landscape – Indryani Ghat

LandScape Indrayani Ghat Alandi Zero Creativity Photography.jpg

Landscape Night at Indrayani Ghat, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Landscape – Alandi Temple

LandScape Alandi Temple Zero Creativity Photography
Landscape Morning at Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjeewan Samadhee Mandir Aladi, Pune.

Harmony All Together

Harmony photographs mostly fromSant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi Sohala and JagatGuru Tukaram Maharaj Palakhi Rath, Pune. Also featured Workshop on How to Make Ganesha From Clay for kids.

Harmony – Mauli Palakhi Sohala 1

Harmony Dindi Mauli Palakhi Photography Zero Creativity Pune School.jpgHarmony in School participating in Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi Sohala, Pune

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