Film and Television Institute of India -FTII Logo

FTII Film and Television Institue of India Logo Zero Creativity
Film and Television Institute of India FTII Logo

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, has given many classic logos to the Nation. One of the designers from NID, S.M. Shah designed the logo of FTII. Mr. Shah is from the third batch of Communication Design, 1967. It is the premier institute of film and television institute bringing together the training in film and television. FTII located in Pune, is servingΒ as a center of excellence across the world. The logo is being used for more than 4 decades.

Art and Design in FTII Logo

The logo presents the simple letter form in Devnagari. The angular stroke to the turn and the vertical stem of the letter connotes the impression of a rolled film strip. The angular stroke is repeated on the top right end of the Shiro-Rekha to provide visual balance to the composed letter formΒ (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

I love this type of logos due to elegance of strokes of Devnagari Calligraphy and bonding of Art and Design. For more details on Mr. S. M . Shah.