ICICI Bank Logo – By Sudarshan Dheer

ICICI Bank Logo By Sudarshan Dheer

In 1994, ICICI bank set up extending its start from 1955 as an initiative of World Bank, Indian Government and Indian Industry for creating a finance institution. Sudarshan Dheer, the Grand Master of Corporate Communication in India designed the identity for ICICI Bank Bombay Branch. Many of the very well established corporates have their identity designed by Sudarshan Dheer. We always experience the perfect bonding of art and design in his logos like HPCL, Titan, ESSAR. For more details on Sudarshan Dheer you can read Series on Design Masters in India at Design in India.

Meaning of ICICI Bank logo

  •  ICICI Bank’s services have been beautifully presented by the forms on the logo.
  • The circular spiral represents the revolutionary efforts to create great investment banking, insurance, venture capital and investment management schemes.
  • The glory of the revolution has been depicted as an emerging flame of lines, moving upwards with a confidence of growing with course of time, depict the increasing reach of bank services not only in India but overseas. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

ICICI Bank Logo New

In 1997, ICICI Bank changed its name from The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited to ICICI Ltd. ICICI is the acronym obtained from the The full form of ICICI bank. And a year later in 1998, ICICI bank introduced new logo symbolising common corporate identity of ICICI group. The ICICI Corporate Identity took a new direction, assuming a new significance.

New ICICI Bank Logo

Meaning of New ICICI Bank logo

  • The new ICICI logo depicts a dynamic individual with drive and conviction and personifies the human capital of this company, which is indispensable to its further progress.
  • The individual in the ICIC logo also symbolises the strong retail identity of the group, whether it be in the form of reaching out to a shareholder or individual customers.
  • The ‘i’ in the logo also stands for numero uno, a position that ICICI has always strived to achieve. It also lends itself to representing the ICICI name.
  • The new corporate colours reflect ICICI’s core values,
    • Orange embodying dynamism,
    • Blue standing for trust and depth,
    • Grey representing warmth
    • Maroon symbolising stability
    • White epitomising the highest form of ethics.

 (Source: ICICI Annual Report, 1998-99)

Application of ICICI Logo