Last night seen the Ebru VDO on YouTube which lead to inspiration for compilation of information on different forms of Art with different combinations of colors and substrates. I know that there may be many webpages compiling the information, but I want to visit different sources of information and compile then briefly. Through this it will be comprehensive information and good collection of the different forms. This will be continuous activity to post here on different forms of ART.

The readers are requested to suggest, comment and provide additional info.

Will start with Ebru as it ignited the mind.

Ebru also called as paper marbling.

Digital Collection of Marbled Paper mainly from Europe, at University of Washington. Some of the collections on fantasy marbled papers in digital collection in the library.

art art

Free book on Paper Marbling all the tips and tricks of years marbling paper, Download.

Classification of Ebru in Turkey

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Suminagashi is Japanese art making from marbled papers.

You can browse some Resources and DIY online.