CEAT Old Logo Designed by R K Joshi

Yet another work by Prof. R K Joshi while working with Ulka Advertising in 1983 and that was for CEAT tyres. Read more for further details about the legendary graphic designer R K Joshi Biography and Works of  Prof. R. K. Joshi 

Meaning of CEAT Logo

It is the simple rhombic shape showcasing CEAT. The erstwhile form signified performance, style, strength and durability of CEAT Tyres. The tagline ‘Born Tough’ extended the significance of the logo further. The two triangles bracketing the word CEAT mark its exclusivity among tyre brands of the early 80s when CEAT emerged as one of its first kinds. The simple bold letters of CEAT establish a premium position of the products in the market then. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)

How CEAT Raised the bars

In 2008, CEAT hired a Bengaluru-based Graphic Design studio Ray and Kesavan for the redesign of CEAT Logo. Extensive feedback received from CEAT employees, customers and partners resulted into a new CEAT Logo. And that was inspiration emerged from the idea of ‘raising the bar‘.

CEAT New Logo Designed by Ray and Keshavan

Meaning of New CEAT Logo

  • CEAT now has a new logo having bold, more geometric characters with simplified lines showing changing perception of speed and mobility of tyres in present era.
  • The new logo represents the new concept of ‘Take it on’. Visually, the use of parallel lines to depict ‘E’ in CEAT connotes the tangible qualities of performance, sturdiness and durability of the new range of CEAT tyres and radials.
  • The objective of using funky orange in E along with blue and white was to connect with the youth. The new look imbibes modernity and a dynamic freshness in the form. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)
  • It also combines well with the maturity and stability of the blue letter forms that signify CEAT’s rich heritage in the sector.


CEAT Logo Printed on Tyre (Source: Ray and Keshavan)