J K Tyre Logo

J K Tyre Logo Designed by Viru Hiremath

It was early 70s when Viru Hiremath from Vartul Communications designed the  J K Tyre Logo. The name JK is derived from the initials of Kamlapatji and his father Seth Juggilal Founders of the Organisation. J K tyre is the market leader and No. 1 Tyre brand of India.

Meaning of Logo : J K Tyre Logo

The function of radials is depicted in the symbolic shape of a small unit of the tyre texture (generally seen as cut zig-zag divisions inside a tyre) representing the part-whole image of ‘Radials’. The speedy, swift and smoothly flowing uppercase letterforms in an extra black weight, further reaffirms the durability, longeivity, quality performance and loyalty of the radials for its buyers/users/customers.The use of black and red provides the connotative “ruggedness” and “masculine power” – that are very much associated with automobile parts; especially tyres. (Source: D’source, IIT Bombay)